Scholarship Committee

Scholarships (2019)

The Al-Ben Scholarship fund was established in 1976 to provide incentive awards, and as needed aid for the technically inclined pre-college and college students enrolled in Engineering, Mathematical or Scientific studies. The objective of this program is to stimulate and sustain the students interested in these studies and encourage them, through public recognition, to maintain a level of academic excellence for successful careers in technical areas. Yearly three types of awards may be granted.

Scholastic Achievement and Academic Excellence Incentive Awards - Based primarily upon achievements in maintaining a high level of scholastic performance overall with a concentration in the areas of engineering, mathematics and scientific concepts.

Professional Merit Awards - Granted upon demonstrated exemplary action on their campus, organizations, or community activities while maintaining an acceptable grade point average thereby demonstrating their understanding of and dedication to professionalism.

As Needed Aid Award - Granted upon demonstration of financial need jeopardizing the student’s ability to remain in school.

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