What We Are About...

What We Are About...


The vision of the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE) is for the African American communities within its service area to be empowered and equipped to fully participate in all available STEM related academic, employment, and business opportunities. LACBPE also envisions itself as the singular authoritative and representative voice for all socio-economic engineering matters that affect the communities it serves.

Mission Statement

The principal objectives of the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers shall be to endeavor to enhance the educational, employment and business opportunities of minority individuals. These aims shall be pursued through personal contacts with students at all levels, curriculum advice in predominately minority educational institutions, consultations with colleges and universities, direct contact with potential employers, coordination with professional societies, support and aid in business development and through all other legal and ethical means deemed necessary by the Council.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the LACBPE are to: 1) promote and communicate the vision, mission, and goals of the organization; 2) inform the public of LACBPE’s programs and activities; 3) attract and encourage black engineers and other individuals working in STEM-related fields to become members of the organization; 4) facilitate individuals desiring to support LACBPE to make donations and to volunteer; 5) facilitate individuals desiring to benefit from LACBPE’s programs and activities to engage with the organization; and 6) facilitate collaboration between LACBPE and other organizations that serve minority communities.